How to stop emails and SMS from an online casino?

You sign up at an online casino and to be able to get started you need to confirm your email or phone number by SMS. You will receive a code or a link in your email so your account can be verified and then you can enter the casino. But what if you stop playing at the casino and you don't want to receive emails or sms anymore. We will explain what to do to stop receiving any communication.


Once you are signed up at an online casino you will receive the latest news, new games, promotions or personalised bonuses. Sometimes you might take part in a tournament and win a rize so you will be notified by email. If you are an active player at a casino we advise you to stay subscribed so you don't miss special bonuses or offers. But if you don't want to continue playing at a specific casinos you will still get emails from them.

To stop receiving emails you need to unsubscribe or close your account completely. Once you close your account a casino is not allowed to send you email anymore 

How to unsubscribe?

This can be done on two ways:

1. Click on any unsubscribe link in an email and you might be unsubscribed immediately. It's also possible that the unsubscribe ink brings you to your account and you need to unsubscribe from there.

2. If you are sent to your account or you go direct to your account page you have the option to uncheck the box for receiving promotional emails. Once you uncheck this box then a casino is not allowed to send emails anymore.

Stop receiving SMS

More casinos started verification of your account via sms. You will receive a code and you need to fill in this code in a box on the sign-up process. Verification by email is more sensitive for fraud because anybody can open 10-20 email addresses and open more casino account but most people only have 1 phone number and it's not so easy to get more numbers.

SMS can be very useful when you are a mobile casino players and want to receive offers but if you don't like these SMS from casinos it can be irritating. In that case you want to stop receiving SMS.

You can unsubscribe from SMS in your casino account where there should be an option to uncheck the box with SMS communication. Some casinos give you the option to unsubscribe direct from the SMS with a special link.

SMS from other sources

It's also possible that you receive offers from casinos where you never signed up. These are sent by affiliates from the casino who receive a commission when you play at that casino. So the affiliate want to refer as many customers as possible to the casino. You might not signed up directly to their sms list but maybe you were added to an SMS list by participating in another promotion or via another company. They will use your phone number to send SMS offers.

You can not login your casino account and unsubscribe for these SMS because you don't have an account yet. These promotional SMS must have an unsubscribe link in the SMS. If they don't have don't be bothered to contact the casino because they can not do anything.

Normally you can block the number but in ost cases these SMS are sent from an anonymous number so you will not be able to block them.

If you receive an SMS from a casino or any other sender but you don't have an account there, don't click on the link. You never know where it brings you or if there is a script that will hack your phone.


If you don't want to receive any email or SMS from an online casino you can always go to your account and unsubscribe on your details page. Be aware that you will not receive any bonus offers or information about your account which means that you might miss important things.

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