The most common casino support questions

We have asked different casinos to help us with the following: 'what are the most common questions players ask the customer support team'. Thanks to a few casinos we partner with you can read below the questions which are received by the casino support members and what are their best answers. Also we have a section with funny and silly questions which really makes you laugh.

About 70% of all questions asked are happening at least 5 times a day and support members have ready templates to answer them. With a little bit of adjustment to the template the player has his answer in a few minutes and the support can continue to the next question. The most time consuming questions are regarding financial issues and bonus wagering where some investigation is involved. The support member need to search in the history of the player and when a player played many rounds you can imagine that this can take time. 

Most common questions

The following questions are the most common questions asked by casino players and it could be very usefull for you to go over these questions before start playing in an online casino.

1. I made a deposit but it's not on my account

Sometimes it happens that when a player makes a deposit that the balance has not been updated and the player thinks he lost his money. To relax you, 99% of the times the casino can find your transaction in the backoffice of the payment provider and they will put the money manually on your account.

It happens sometimes that there is a problem with the connection between the server of the gaming provider and the casino. When you make a deposit on the same moment when there is a disconnection it might be possible that the casino was not automaticaly informed that a deposit has been made by that player and the deposit will not be added to the player account.

What you need to do?

Just send an email to the support team with as much information as possible (transaction number, time and date transaction, amount, payment method, etc) and the support team will trace your transaction at the payment provider's backoffice and add it manually.

2. I got disconnected and lost all my money

This is a very common situation where the internet connection of the player got interrupted or there was a problem on the casino side and the game got stuck or just doesn't work anymore. Every casino has it's own rules what will happen in these cases and you cand find these rules either in the terms and conditions or by asking the support team.

One of the rules could be that when a game got disconnected the system will finish the round and any prize won will be added to your balance.

Always make a screenshot of the situation and send this to the support team.

When you can't open the game anymore or the casino is not working anymore you can close the browser and open it again and check if the casino works. If you still experience problems we would advise you to clear the browser's cache (read here how to clear the browser's cache)

3. I made a withdraw but didn't received the money

When you requested a withdraw most casinos have a period of 12-24 hours to process the request. In that period you can still cancel the withdraw request and the money will go back to your balance. After the withdraw has been processed it takes from 1 hour to 5 days before you recieve it, depending on the method you choose. Every casino has a page where you can see how long it takes before you receive the money per withdraw method. In some casinos you can receive your winnings in 1 hour by Neteller or Skrill but if you requested a withdraw by wire transfer it can take up to 5 working days depending on your bank.

Always first check your bank account before you ask the support team where you withdraw is because it might not be on your bank account in the morning but it could arrive in the afternoon and it's better to wait 1 extra day before you send an email. The support member can not do much once it has been processed and if you send an email after 2 days you will always get the answer to get back to the support team in 1 week if you still didn't received it.

4. Do you have any free bonuses? Can I get a bonus with my next deposit?

The most common question are bonus requests. Because there is so much competition between casinos it's possible to get a bonus to keep you playing and not leaving to the competitor. Every casino has it's own rules about giving bonuses and the bonus amount or percentage differs a lot between the casinos.

The most important comment from support members of the casinos regarding bonus questions was the following. You can always ask for a bonus and sometimes there are special promotions which entitles you to receive a bonus but most of the times you need to deserve a bonus. That means a casino looks at the bonus percentage and if you got too many bonuses compared with your deposits you are not always eligible to receive one. Stay nice and don't push it too much because you might get a comment in your account and the next time it will only be more difficult to receive a bonus.

5. Why I always loose at your casino? Your games are rigged, I don't trust your casino!

For these kind of questions the support members have one common answer. They have absolutely no control over your gameplay and the games are controlled by 3th party companies who deliver the games to the casino. Those 3th party companies have no information about the player so they will not choose players to win or to loose. The games are controlled by RNG (Random Number Generator) system and if it's your time to win then you have a lucky day but statistically the chances to win are smaller than the chances to loose. In the end a casino needs to make profit to pay their staff, gaming providers, taxes and many other costs.

So every time you ask this question you can expect a nice template from the casino because they can not investigate something or give any other answer as the above.

Funny silly questions

We also asked casinos to send us some funny and silly questions they received from players. There was 1 casino who actually printed out these questions and made a collection on a board in the office so people could have a good laugh on boring moments. The questions below were really received by the casinos although sometimes it might be hard to believe.

1. Open game in new window

Chat conversation

Customer member: Hi Sir, How can I help you?
Player: Hi, how are you?
Customer member: I am fine thanks, you?
Player: I am good but have a problem with opening game. I am trying to open the game in a new window but I only have 1 laptop. Is there another way?
Customer member: When you want to open the game in a new window it means a new window of your browser on the same laptop. You can hold the 'CTRL' button and click on the game/link
Player: ah I understand, thanks

2. Lost password

Chat conversation

Customer member: Hi, how are you?
Player: I am fine. Just can't login my account. My password doesn't work
Customer member: Are you sure you are using the correct password?
Player: Yes, I am sure
Customer member: there is a link which says 'Forgot password'. Click on that link and then you recieve the password by email.
Player: I know, I tried that but I forgot the password of my email address as well?
Customer member: You don't have it somewhere written down?
Player: Yes, on a paper and put it in my office but I lost that paper.
Customer member: Then I can't really help you. Maybe you need to open a new email account and then new casino account but be sure to write it down somewhere.

3. Best time to play in the casino

Chat conversation

Player: Hi, did you had many players win today?
Customer member: What do you mean?
Player: Somebody told me that if many players win today than it's better to wait until tomorrow because i don't have many chances to win
Customer member: That's not true. The Random Number Generator gives prizes over a much longer period than 1 day
Player: Oh, so I have to wait longer than 1 day
Customer member: No, if you play today or tomorrow it doesn't matter.
Player: I will wait until tomorrow morning that I am the first

4. Player in love with live dealer

Chat conversation

Player: Where is your casino based?
Customer member: In which country?
Player: yes
Customer member: We are based in Malta
Player: Do you have an address? I want to visit your casino because I saw two very beautifull live dealers
Customer member: It's not possible to visit our live dealer casino. It's located in a studio where no real players are present.
Player: ah, and is it possible to get the phone number of a live dealer?
Customer member: Unfortunately I am not allowed to do that.
Player: Ok, I understand. thanks anyway

Tips when talking with customer support team

The customer support members from the casinos we contacted also gave us some tips when you have questions and want to contact the support team.

1. Never become rude and use bad language. We understand that loosing is not nice but stay polite to the suport members, because it's not their fault that you lost and they do their best to help you.

2. Always try to send as much information as possible and try to make screenshots of the problem of error message. The more information you send the more easy and fast they can help you

3. Be patience. On busy times of the day the support members might have 3-6 chats at the same time. So don't get stressed it you have to wait for a few minutes because other players are also waiting for help. You are not the only one and they always try to help you as fast as they can.

4. Support members understand that their job is to help people with problems and questions. But they always appreciate it to get some good feedback and have nice conversations. So don't always contact them when there is a problem but if you have a good time in the casino send them a nice message and some compliments. Believe me, it will make their work much more easier and enjoyable.

The customer support team is a very important part of an online casino because it's the only personal contact you can get and a good customer support team gives the player a comfortable and reliable feeling to trust the casino. Always remember that when you are polite and patience with the support team you will always receive a good answer and help from them.

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