Can I really win in an online casino?

For all you skeptics out there who don’t think it’s possible to win in an online casino; read on to discover that in actual fact you can! “Why has it never happened to me?” I hear you ask? It’s all in the luck and down to a *‘Random Number Generator’ which determines whether it’s a winning game or not. Don’t listen to those people who say that there is a person behind the casino controlling the game deciding who wins or not. Read on to find out how this works.

How does a casino work?

Before I can convince you that you have a chance of winning in an online casino; I first want to explain how an online casino works, or even better, how an actual casino game works.

A Casino exists primarily of two parts:

1. Casino site and your account

The casino site itself is where you see all the different pages. Then there is the cashier where deposits and withdrawals are made. You log into the casino from here and can access your account at any time. Here you will also see all the financial information and your personal details. This is all connected to a back office that is controlled by the casino staff.

An additional support department for members is also located within the pages of the casino site. Any questions or issues you might be experiencing will be dealt with by a member of casino staff as they are able to access your account.

2. The software of the games

Every casino works with a number of various game providers. An example of a game provider is Netent or Microgaming. These companies specialise in making games for casino sites and they deliver these games to the site. The Casino implements the game into their site so that players can play on that game. The game is controlled by the gaming provider and not the casino so there is no way a casino employee can change the settings of the specific game. The gaming provider doesn't have details of the player so they don't know the history of the player and it is not in their interest to allow certain players to win or lose.

Conclusion: The games are controlled by an external company and not the casino itself. The casino cannot change the settings of the game. You can read more in our article How does a slot in an online casino works

Random Number Generator

Each game has its own Random Number Generator (RNG). This is a machine/system that controls the results of the game. It is always set to a certain percentage pay-out, and according to that it decides randomly the winner of the game. The RNG cannot tell if a player has won or lost previously, it only decides the winners randomly based on the set percentage. Therefore, if it's your turn to win then it's your turn and you are lucky! If you spin the reels a few seconds later because you have to kill a fly you may have missed your chance to win! Simple as that!

The casino always wins

In the long run it does win, however this can take anything from 1 – 6 months.
The pay-out percentage is set so that in the long run the casino wins. They need to cover the costs of their overheads such as the casino staff, plus ensure that there is some profit available for the owners to go for dinner or take a holiday. However that’s not to say that you can't win. If today you make your first deposit of 100 euro and you win 1000 euro and you stop playing it means that you won. But if you continue playing or you deposit this money back into the casino then there is a chance that in the end the casino wins.

There will always be players who win in a casino because if players lost all the time, then that specific casino wouldn’t survive for very long. The players would deposit their money in other casinos.
A Casino prefers to have a player who wins 1000 euros and deposits this back, plus another 1000 euros than a player who loses 1000 euros in 1 spin and doesn't come back anymore.

To win a jackpot

To win a jackpot is another story entirely. A progressive jackpot is a jackpot in a certain slot which is connected with other casinos. The game belongs to the software provider who delivers the slots to those casinos, and players of all these casinos add money to the jackpot pool enabling the jackpot to grow very fast.

To win a jackpot you need to play the maximum bet on the jackpot game and collect a winning combination with the jackpot symbols. Do this and you could soon become a millionaire!!!

Video: Top 10 Biggest Jackpot Wins


What if I finally won?

You’ve played on a video slot or you had a good night on the blackjack table and your balance ended up at 5000 euro. The RNG was good to you today and you’ve finally won in a casino. Now we have to go back to part 1 of the casino, the actual casino itself. The casino receives all the information from the software provider and has been notified that you have won 5000 euros on their game.

Now it's up to the casino to send you your winnings. Many years ago there were casinos who didn't want to pay out and just didn't care about it. Nowadays this doesn't happen as often because most casinos are licensed and controlled by independent organizations, and therefore you could make a complaint which could result in them losing their license; something the casino would never want! Most times you also need to send documents to verify your details. The Casino wants to know who they pay and that's why they need to see your documents first.

Below are a few tips when playing, to prevent difficult discussions with casino management

- Always take screenshots or record your winnings as soon as it happens. Chances are you will have your mobile phone with you the majority of the time, making it easy to video the winnings.

- When you win, request a withdrawal and take a screenshot of the approval of the withdrawal, saving the email with the pay-out confirmation. Never leave the balance in the casino with the intention of proceeding with the pay-out the next day

- If a casino doesn't want to pay out; contact us with your story or look for other casino forums to post in. Casinos are afraid of bad posts on forums, and therefore the majority of the time this helps in solving the problem.

To make you a bit more relaxed; 99% of the time, when a player wins he actually receives the money. This usually happens within 1-2 days after your winnings have been approved.
So don't worry too much about not receiving any winnings and make sure you choose a casino from this site so that you will not have to experience this problem after winning.


It's definitely possible to win in a casino and nowadays you can count on receiving your winnings in 1-2 days after approval. A Casino doesn't have any control over the games and only the RNG decides if it's your lucky day or not. Just to be on the safe side, always take screenshots or make a video of your winnings so you have proof of your winnings. So, try your luck on one of the casinos but mostly try to enjoy and keep control of your budget.

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