Casino Facts

Best Casino and Gambling Facts

Facts from all over the world about biggest winnings or losses, stories about famous people and other remarkable facts.

FedEX saved by a winning blackjack hand

Minimum of 70% RTP at UK online slots

85% of the casinos revenue comes from slot machines

The biggest gamblers are Men

You can find the most slot machines in Japan

Online casinos can't control the outcome of the game

The biggest gamblers in the world are Cypriots

Las Vegas is not the biggest gambling place in the world

Lottery is the worlds most popular game

Roulette is also called 'The Devil's Game'

The oldest game in an online casino is Keno

Casinos in Las Vegas don't have any clocks or windows

Free spins are not always free

Playing a jackpot slot gives you a lower payout percentage

Keno has the highest casino edge

Citizens of Monaco are not allowed to gamble in their casinos

The Sandwich is originated from a Casino

First Casino license received by a woman

Smallest casino in a taxi

Berlin wall in Las Vegas