The slots at an online casino – how does it work?

Most online casinos have more than 1000 games on their site where you can choose from but the games are not owned or managed by the casino itself. A casino rents the games from a game provider and pay a commission based on the net-win (Bets-wins). But how do casinos get these games and what happens if you experience a problem with a game. We will explain everything in this article.

Game providers

All casino games are developed and managed by game providers. Some famous game prividers are Netent, Microgaming, Pragmatic Play, etc. They make the game, create the mechanism behind the game and manage the game outcome. The games are hosted on the servers of the game provider and not on the casino. The game is embedded in a frame on the casino site and there is a communication between the server of the game provider and the casino. This communication involves game bets, wins and bonus activities.

This means that a casino has no control and any influence in the outcome of a spin. Many players think that a casino has a button which they can turn on or off to let a game win or loose a round. But this is totally wrong thinking and even the game provider can’t change the outcome of a game.

Random Number Generator

To decide the outcome of a game the game provider installs a RNG (Random Number Generator). The name random says it all, so the outcome is random and is based on a metyhematical formula. This means that you just have to be lucky and there is no way that you can estimate if a spin can win or not. You could lose 200 spins and another player spins 1 time and wins a hige amount.

The Random Number Generator is audited by 3rd parties like Price, Waterhouse & Coopers which means they are tested and audited independently.

RTP (Return to Player)

Each game has a set RTP. This means the Return to Player and is a percentage of the bets that the game gives back to the player. For example a slot with an RTP of 96% means that from every 100 euro bets, 96 euro will be returned to the player and 4% is the win of the casino. This doesn’t mean that every time you put 100 euro bet you will get 96 euro win. The RTP is over millions of spins and it can take months to reach these number of spins.

Most slots will show the RTP in the game rules section.

Jackpot slots

Winning a jackpot of a few millions is of course the dream of every player. So many players like to play on a progressive jackpot slot and hope their dream comes true. But be aware for the lower RTP on a jackpot slot. For each bet you place a percentage (between 1,5 and 3%) will go to the jackpot pool which will be paid out whne a player gets a winning line with jackpot icons. The casino needs to pay this percentage to the game provider which is called the jackpot contribution. This means that the RTP of jackpot slot are much lower, like 91%-92% to cover the jackpot contribution cost.

So playing with a jackpot slot can make you millionaire with 1 click but you will win during normal game play.

Volatility of a game

Maybe you heard about high or low volatility of a slot. The volatility of a game means how the prices are given to players. A slot with a high volatility will give high prices but with a low frequency. A low volatility slot will let you win many times but the prices are low. Most of the times high roller players prefer high volatility games because they play many spins and when they win they want to win big.

A few slot providers show the volatility of a game in the game rules but with most slots you need to search online for the volatility info.


Game rules

Every slot has game rules inside the game. In the game rule section you can read about the winlines and their prices, bonus features and sometimes RTP and volatility info. It’s always good to read these game rules first before you start a new game. You don’t start working with a new tool without reading the instructions first.

Distribution from games over the casinos

A game providers makes 20-30 new games per year and they will distribute them over their customers, the online casinos. Not all game providers are active in each casino. Some casinos have a few game providers and other casinos have almost all game providers in the world. Big casinos who make a lot of money get the game mostly for free and they just pay a commission over the earnings. Small casinos will also pay a commission but sometimes they also have to pay a minimum amount every month..

Final tips

We like to finish this article with some tips when you choose an online casino game:

- If you want to put small bets and prefer to win many times but small prices, then you need to choose a low volatility slot
- When you play a Jackpot game be sure to play max. bet otherwise you are not able to win the jackpot
- If you have a loosing streak on a slot we advise you to stop for a while and play again after a few hours
- Look out when you get a bonus on your casino account. Most casinos have a maximum bet of 5-10 euro and when you bet more and you win money a casino might void your winnings.


Last modified on Sunday, 17 July 2022 09:24