What are Crash Casino Games?

Crash Casino Game exist since 2014 when the site Bustabit launched the first crash game. In the last months many Crypto casinos took over this game and developed new versions of Crash Games. They look like simple games but are very exciting by choosing the right moment before the line crashes. You place a bet and once the crash line moves up you need to choose the right moment to cash out before the line crashes. Every second the multiplier is growing so your win potential is growing as well. The closest you get to the crash the higher the payout you receive. But when you wait too long and the line crashes before you cash out you will loose your whole bet.

Crash Games have the characteristics of the Crypto world and Stock market. Like in the Crypto world where you see your money growing and have to choose the right moment to sell, the same happens in a Crash Game. You want to win but need to find the right moment to cash out before the market crashes.

It's not so easy to find Crash Games at standard online casinos. The well-known game providers like Netent haven't developed these games yet and the popularity of these games are not so big at the moment. But there are many different crash games at several Crypto casinos and below we listed the top 5 crash games. After the top 5 crash games you can read more about the Probably Fairness of a Crash Game and how to place a bet.

Best Crash Games

We searched and tested different Crash Games and made the following top 5 Crash Games you can find online:

1. AstroBoomers
2. Blast Game
3. Aviator
4. Space XY
5. Thunder Crash

1. Astroboomers

AstroBoomers is a multiplayer game with 3 chances to win per round. The wins are up to €250000. You need to find the right moment to jump off the spaceship before it's attacked by Cosmic Meteors.

To start the game you can place three different bets. There is a countdown clock which shows you the time left to place the bet. If you want to escape you click Eject and any payouts are added to your balance. If you are too late escaping from the rocket you will loose your bet.

Where to play?

You can play AstroBoomers at the following casino:

- Crashino.com

2. Blast Game

With the Blast Game you can earn up to €10.000 per bet. The cannon will shoot the bomb and it's up to you to cash out on time before the bomb explodes.

You can play Blast Game at the following casino:


3. Aviator

Cash out on time before the plane crashes. Your win is multiplied by a coefficient of the lucky plane. The multiplier starts at 1x and grows more and more as the lucky plane takes off. You have two chances to win by using both betting options which you can cash out on different moments.

The Random Number Generator will become active the moment the plane takes off and will generate the multiplier. You can check the honesty of the generation by clicking on the green icon.


Video: Aviator from Spribe Gaming

4. Space XY

At Space XY you need to jump off the Rocket on time before it flies into deep space. You win your bet multiplied by the coefficient shown on the screen. Cash out on time before the rocket flies away.

You can place 1 or 2 bets and you have the countdown to control the time to play the bet. 

5. Thundercrash

Thunder Crash let you bet how high the plane will fly until it crashes. You will find different obstacles and will earn more coins the higher you go. Cash out before the plane crashes otherwise you will loose your coins. 

How do you play Crash Games?

The big advantage of Crash games is the simplicity of the game. It has a few rules which are always good to read but you can start in a few seconds. Below the steps for a game round at a Crash Game.

1. Choose your bet size
2. Place your bet
3. Wait for the multiplier to start moving
4. Choose the right moment to press the cash-out button

The moment the round crashes is totally random and can happen at every moment of the game. You can always look at the history of the rounds like you can do with Roulette but in the end it's a gamble you need to make. Sometimes it takes very long before the crash happens but other times it can go very fast. 

What means Provably Fair at Crash Games?

Each game round can be checked after the multiplier crashed. Crash Games have an algorithm which generates a special key after each game round.

Before the game round starts the game generates a hash code. This is an encrypted text combination with the game results. This hash code is acceptable before the game round start.

We advice to check if the Crash Game you want to play has the option otherwise it's better not to play on that game.

The house edge of a Crash Game

Every game has a RTP (Return to Player) percentage and a house edge percentage. The house edge percentage is the winnings of the casino in each game round. Most Crash Games have a house edge of 1%. So this means that the RTP is around 99%. Compared with slots who have a RTP or around 96% it's more profitable to play Crash Games

Can I play Crash Games for free?

At most casinos you need to open an account first and make a deposit to play Crash Games. You can have a look how other players play Crash Games and then start playing for real money.



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