Why does a Casino ask for my documents? Featured

Many of the experienced players but also less experienced players had the following experience. Finally you win 200 euro and are ready to cash out your winnings. But then the casino is asking for all kind of documents and suddenly you have to search and scan your documents. That's not what you are waiting for but if you want to receive your winnings there is no other way than sending these documents. But why do they ask these documents and when do you have to send these? We will answer your questions below.

When you open a bank account the bank is asking for all kind of documents. The bank wants to know with who are they doing business with, even if it's a personal bank account. They want to know where the money is coming from which you deposit in your bank account and if you can pay certain loans or intrest. A casino also wants to know to who are they paying their money and they have certain responsibilities according to the law including asking KYC documents (Know Your Customer) from their player.

When you make a deposit in the casino they will not ask for these documents. You can easily make up to 1000-2000 euro deposits at most casino but at some casinos the maximum is lower than 2000 euro without having to upload or send any documents. When you are a high roller and you deposit for example 10.000 euro in 1 deposit then the alarm bells start ringing at the casino. Not that they think you are a criminal or something but the system recognize certain triggers and this is definitely a trigger. Because most casino have a license in Malta or in another country there are some rules and limits they have to stick to.

Also when you make a payout the casino wants to know to who they send the money. In this case you need to send documents or at some casinos you can upload the documents in your casino account. If all documents are approved then they will release your payout request and you will receive the payouts.

What documents can they ask for?

Below are the most common documents a casino can ask for:

- copy of your passport or ID. Of-course this can not be expired
- an utility bill (water, electricity, etc.) showing your address so they can verify your address in the account
- a statement of your creditcard if you made a deposit with your card

When you send a bank statement you are allowed to cover some information like your creditcard number, except the last 4 digits. Also you can cover payments on the statement because it's not of their business to see these transactions.

Is it safe to send documents to a casino?

In most casinos its safe to send documents and they will store them in a safe place. Especially casinos who have a license in Malta or UK have strict rules for this so you don't have to worry. But if you don't trust a casino then it's better not to send these documents. You actually shouldn't deposit in a casino you don't trust so most of the times you will feel safe anyway.

Always use correct details when opening an account

It's very important to always fill in the correct details when you are opening a casino account. You need to have the same details as on your documents. If you don't take this serious and you just fill in some details which are not correct you might come in a situation that you don't receive your winnings because the casino can't verify it in your account.

With some payment methods like NETeller or Skrill you might not have to send any documents because the payment wallet already did the KYC. But many casinos still want to see documents even when you deposited with NETeller or Skrill.

Last modified on Sunday, 21 August 2022 13:27