Everything you need to know about Wagering Requirement

When you accept a bonus in an online casino you are immediately connected to the wagering requirement belonging to that bonus. This means that you can't just pay out the bonus or the winnings of the bonus but you need to reach the wagering requirement. Below you can read how the wagering requirement is calculated and what type of wager requirements you can find at online casinos.

What is wagering requirement?

The wagering requirement of a bonus is the amount of bets you have to place to be able to withdraw the bonus or winnings from the bonus. The wagering requirement prevents players to take out the bonus for free and just come to play for the bonus and leave the casino.

Wagering requirement example

We will try to explain the wagering requirement with an example. Player John goes to a new casino and sees a very nice bonus of 100% up to €200. In the terms and conditions he sees the following wagering requirement:

To be able to withdraw any winnings from bonus money you need to wager the bonus amount 30 times. You can only payout the bonus winnings.

In this case John makes a deposit of 100 euro and he will receive automatically a bonus of 100 euro. John can never payout the bonus amount but he can use it to win bonus money which he can payout. But before he can request any payout of the bonus winnings he needs to wager the bonus amount 30 times.

So that means he needs to wager (place bets) for a total amount of 3000 euro (30 x 100 euro bonus). When he reached this amount he will be able to receive the payout.

How is the wagering requirement calculated?

The wagering requirement can be calculated on different ways. A casino can say that you need to wager only the bonus amount (30x b) and at other casinos you need to wager the bonus and deposit (30x b+d). So in the above example with John he will need to wager 6000 euro if he needs to wager the bonus and deposit amount (30 x 100 euro bonus + 30 x 100 euro deposit = 6000 euro)

Do all games count to the wagering requirement?

In almost all casinos wagering on slots count 100% to reach the wagering requirement. Roulette and Baccarat don’t count at all for the wagering requirement and the other games (blackjack, craps, video poker, etc.) count for a certain percentage.

Most casinos count blackjack for 10% which means that with wagering of 30 times a bonus amount of 100 euro you need to wager 30000 euro (30 x 100 euro bonus x 10) to be able to request a payout.

Why doesn’t roulette count towards the wagering requirement?

On roulette it’s very easy to reach the wagering requirement without losing any money. Just put 100 euro on red and black and you don’t lose or win but you reach the wagering requirement.

Do free spins have a wagering requirement?

That differs per casino. At some casinos all the money you win from spins will be added to your cash balance and at other casinos all money won from free spins will be converted to bonus money and will have a wagering requirement. You can find this information in the bonus terms of the casino.

Is there always a wagering requirement attached to a bonus?

Most of the times yes. There are occasions that a player wins a prize like a holiday to Paris but he can also choose to receive the half of the value of this prize in Bonus money. Sometime a casino doesn’t add wager requirement for this prize and you can payout without having to play first.

Can I not take a bonus to avoid these bonus rules?

At most casinos you need to select the bonus in the cashier or type a coupon code to receive the bonus. So if you don’t want to receive any bonus you just don’t select this option or untick the box if it was pre-selected.

If you get the bonus automatically you can ask the casino to take away the bonus from your deposit so you are not connected with the bonus terms and can pay out your any winnings any time you like. But always ask this before you place any bet with the bonus and cash balance.

Where do I need to pay attention to?

Always read the bonus terms before you accept the bonus and see what they say about the wagering requirements. The most important things you need to look at are:

1. Do you need to wager the bonus amount only or also the deposit amount
2. Can you only withdraw the bonus winnings and will the bonus you receive be deleted when you make a withdraw or can you also receive the bonus amount
3. Which games count towards reaching the wagering requirement
4. With which balance you play first. First the cash balance or first the bonus balance.
5. Is there a maximum bet with bonus money? If you go over that amount any winnings might be cancelled by the casino management.

If you want to see what the wagering requirements are for the casinos on our site you can visit our first deposit page which shows a table with the wagering requirement for each casino and if you need to wager the bonus only or also the deposit. You can see the same on our 2nd deposit bonus page.

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