10 tips for new casino players

You decided to visit an online casino for the first time and make a deposit to play for real money. It's a bit difficult to find your way and scary to make your first deposit. Next to that there are so many online casinos and where do you start with searching the right casino? We hope that the following 10 tips will help you to have a good start and you will end up in winning real money. You can also read our article 'the ins and outs of an online casino' when you want to know how a casino works.

1. Be patience when you are going to choose an online casino

About 10-15 years ago it was very risky to choose an online casino and use your creditcard or bank account. They might had a license in Curacao or from some other tropical islands but there were many cowboys out there who were cheating players and went offline when they earned enough money. Now in 2022 it's very safe to play at an online casino and you don't hear any strange stories anymore about online casinos stealing money from players.

Still it's very important to do good research before choosing an online casino on sites like ours or any other online casino portals. We always test the casinos which are listed on our site and you can always send us an email if you had bad experiences with a casino listed on NewCasinos.co and we will do our best to help you.

2. Always report your winnings and losses

Many players who are having money problems because of gambling don't have a good overview of their deposits and losses. This results in loosing control of your financials and loosing too much than you can afford. Basically you need to make a good administration like you do with a company or personal financials.

You can start with opening a simple excell sheet with the deposits you made and the withdrawals you received. In this way you always have an overview of your earnings of losses and you can have a break on time.

3. Learn the games

Of course you always need to have luck to win in an online casino but you can definately create an advantage by studying the rules and strategies of the different casino games. Especially in roulette and blackjack there are many strategies that at least lower the risk of loosing. Also with online slots it's good to study the winlines, bonus features, payout percentage and volatility levels.

4. Watch out when you play progressive jackpot games

We all want to win that 10 million euro jackpot and there are many players who already won a jackpot in the last years. But don't forget that most jackpots start from €0 so many players also lost a lot of money to get a high jackpot amount. So you can understand that you can loose a lot of money on the jackpot slots.

Always play the max bet on progressive jackpot slots to be able to win the jackpot. You don't want to get jackpot symbols on your reels and then you played with a lower bet which doesn't qualify.

Finally be aware that a progressive jackpot slot has a lower RTP percentage than normal video slots. The difference between the RTP of a jackpot game is around 3-4% which is the part of the jackpot win amount.

5. Use Bonuses and other promotions of an online casino

Unless you don't like to receive bonuses or you don't want to be stuck with wagering requirements always check what the casino has to offer and take advantage of the bonuses you can claim. It will give you extra money to win and more playtime. For your first deposit bonus a casino always gives you a bonus, mostly a 100% bonus up to €200 or more. If you have a big bankroll be sure to get the maximum bonus. For example with a bonus of 100% up to €300 you will need to deposit an amount of €300 to get a bonus of €300.

Watch out for the 'too good to be true' welcome packages of online casinos. When you see a bonus welcome package of €3000 then 90% of the time this exist of 3-5 different deposits and all together this makes €3000. So the first bonus might be the same as with other casinos but they like to make it look big.

Also look at other promotions the casino has to offer and free spins offers on new games for example.

6. Study the bonus terms

Before you go for that nice 100% bonus first read the bonus terms. I can imagine that you don't want to read the 10 pages terms and conditions with all legal lines but the bonus terms are interesting to read and very important before accepting any bonus. It's a shame to win a lot of money but you forgot about an article in the bonus terms and you loose your money.

Pay extra attention to the following parts in the bonus terms:

- Wager requirement for the bonus. This can be 40x the bonus amount or 20x the bonus and deposit amount. Read our article Everything you need to know about wagering requirement to understand more about this item
- Minimum deposit to receive the bonus
- Do you get a first deposit bonus with your favourite deposit method? Most casinos don't offer first deposit bonus with Skrill and NETeller deposits
- Do Free Spins winnings have wagering and a maximum payout
- Check which games are excluded from bonus play so the wagering requirement doesn't change
- Check the maximum bonus bet. Some casinos don't have a system that stops you from wagering when the max bonus bet is too high.

7. Never play when you are drunk or stoned

We saw so many cases of players who lost a lot of money after having drugs or too much alcohol. Drugs and alcohol makes you feel relax and increases your limits or taking risk. So normally you would stop after loosing too much but with alcohol you might not care so much and continue playing. Or you don't pay attention to the dealer's cards with Blackjack and you hit a card while you had to stand.

8. Take advantage of a VIP or Loyalty Program

If you are a highroller than investigate the presence of a VIP program. Contact the casino and ask how to become a VIP member and which advantages you will get. The personal attention is very important so if a casino doesn't answer you immediately then it's better to look for another casino if you want to be treated like a VIP player.

Once you are a VIP player at an online casino you get many benefits. A few of these benefits are:

- Higher bonuses and free spins
- Personal VIP manager
- Faster payouts of winnings
- Presents and other rewards
- Higher deposit limits

If you are a good player and deposit a lot of money in the beginning you should receive an email soon by the casino with an offer to become a VIP Player.

9. Learn the casino etiquette

There is a big difference in playing online or in a landbased casino. Many players don't think there are etiquette rules in an online casino but this is not correct. You need to stay nice to the customer support agents and when chatting at live casino games. Don't try to cheat the casino with different strategies which are not accepted by the casino management.

Most important, the live support agent you are talking to or even worse screaming at can't help that you lost. A casino has no control over the outcome of your spins. So it's no use to complain about this and keep in mind that this can happen at any other casino.

10. Never try to win back your lost money

The biggest mistake you can make is to try to win back money you lost in an online casino. Set a budget what you can loose and stop once you reach this budget, even if this is after 5 minutes. Close the computer and play again another day when you feel better.

The above tips helped a lot of casino players to play responsibly and create some nice wins. It will never give you any guarantee but it can definately give you an advantage which you will not have without using these tips.

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