What is a side bet in Blackjack?

Side bets in Blackjack are extra bets for some extra excitement and to increase the chances of winning with your bet. You can only use a side bet after placing a normal bet. The minimum bet on a side bet is much smaller than the minimum bet on the default blackjack game. In this article we will explain what kind of side bets there are and if there is any strategy with playing a side bet.

There are many different side bets but the common thing is that the result is based on your first two cards. Sometimes the first card of the dealer belongs to a side bet. You win the side bet at certain combinations.

The payout is depending on the results in the default blackjack game. You can loose with your default game and win with the side bet or win the default game but loose the side bet. With the default blackjack bet you have more influence on the outcome of the hand while with a side bet you win or loose based on your first two cards and no action will take place after these two cards. This means that you need more luck with side bets.

The side bets at live blackjack

Many players choose to play at live blackjack from a live casino games provider like Evolution. They offer 5 different side bets.

Perfect Pairs

With perfect pairs only your first two cards count. The winning combinations and payouts are:

- Perfect pair (for example 2x heart 6) = 25 times your bet
- Colour pair (for example 2x red jack) = 12 times your bet
- Mixed pair (for example a red Ace and a black Ace) = 6 times your bet

The house edge for perfect pairs at Evolution is 4,1 percent


With 21+3 your first two cards and the first card of the dealer counts. The winning combinations are based on the poker game. The payouts are as follow:

- Suited trips (for example 3x heart 4) = 100 times your bet
- Straight flush (for example heart of 7-8-9) = 40 times your bet
- Three of a kind (for example 3x queen) = 30 times your bet
- Straight (for example 4-5-6) = 10 times your bet
- Flush (for example heart of 2-8-king) = 5 times your bet

The house edge for 21+3 at Evolution is 3,7 percent

Any Pair

The infinite blackjack tables at Evolution offer the side bet Any Pair. Your win if the first two cards are a pair:

- Suited pair (for example 2x heart of 10) = 25 times your bet
- Pair (for example heart 6 and spade 6) = 8 times your bet

The house edge for Any pair at Evolution is 4,1 percent

Hot 3

Also the Hot 3 side bet is available at the infinite blackjack tables of Evolution. You win if the sum of your first 2 cards plus the open card of the dealer is 19, 20 or 21. The payouts are:

- 7-7-7 (3 different 7's) = 100 your bet
- Total 21 suited (21 points of same suit) = 20 times your bet
- Total 21 unsuited (21 points of different suite) = 4 times your bet
- Total 20 (20 points) = 2 times your bet
- Total 19 (19 points) = 1 time your bet

The house edge for Hot 3 at Evolution is 5,4 percent

Bust it

With the Bust it side bet you gamble that the dealer bust his hand. So the dealer will pass the 21 points. You can find this side bet only at infinite bet. The more cards the dealer gets the more you win. Here are the payouts:

- 8 or more cards = 250 your bet
- 7 cards = 100 times your bet
- 6 cards = 50 times your bet
- 5 cards = 9 times your bet
- 4 cards = 2 times your bet
- 3 cards = 1 time your bet

The house edge for Bust it at Evolution is 5,9 percent

What is the best strategy for side bets?

The basic blackjack strategy will not help you with blackjack side bets because the result all depends on the first two cards and with some side bets also the first card of the dealer.

But we do have a tip for side bets. If you want to have a small advantage then choose for the side bets with the lowest house edge. Below you can see the ranking of side bets with their payouts.

1. 21+3 (3,7%)
2. Perfect Pairs (4,1%)
3. Any Pair (4,1%)
4. Hot 3 (5,4%)
5. Bust It (5,9%)

Side bets will make your game time at Blackjack more fun and exciting but keep control of your budget because the house edge is higher at all side bets. So don't bet too high amounts. Also before you start playing with sidebets study first this unique feature and read more about tips to win at online blackjack. Knowledge is King and every percentage advantage you can use to win.

Last modified on Sunday, 17 July 2022 09:24